A Liar,
A Criminal
A Traitor To
Our Province
& Country.


Heather Stefanson knows the harm she is inflicting on Canadians and she doesn't care.

As an ordinary Canadian, I’ve always had reasons to be a little cautious about putting trust in politicians and bureaucrats.  Frequently over-confident, often distant and unrelatable, almost always a little too slick and greasy.  But in these past two years, I’ve seen you for what you are: simply unworthy of any trust.  Here are just ten reasons why I don’t trust you (I could easily name ten more – heck, I’ll do just that later

Now that the first drop of the Pfizer documents has been released we all know…These Vaccines are Not Safe and Not Effective

See the documents here       

Oh and by the way Mr. Crime Minister.  Lockdowns…Also useless and harmful

USELESSJohn Hopkins Report

HARMFULDeaths of Despair Report



Check out these articles and decide for yourself.


Heather Stefanson is not interested in our well being or protecting our children.

Heather Stefanson Can't Stop Lying

The Vaccines Do More Harm Than Good

Covid Vaccines: Over 30% Adverse Reactions